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Three Days Meditation Workshop at Amity University, Gurgaon

First Day: OM Inner Science Meditation ™
Second Day: OM Cosmic Flower Meditation™ and
Third Day: Neuro-Epigenetic Scientific Meditation - NESM ™

Dr. Amit Ray and Banani Ray with Prof. J.P.Dudeja, Director Amity University and Mrs. Dudeja, Ex-commissioner, Food Corporation of India

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Scientific Meditation Workshop

Science City, Kolkata on 18th February, 2017

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The workshop will teach an unique technique called Neuro-EpiGenetic Scientific Meditation (NESM)™ , which is an easy-to-practice and effective integrated scientific meditation technique developed by Banani Ray and Dr. Amit Ray that was evolved from their long experience in meditation practices as well as meditation teaching.

The technique combines time-tested ancient techniques along with modern science-backed practices that are proven for developing grey matter in the brain, improving focus, concentration and memory, and resist the shortening of telomeres in your gene which enhances health and longevity.

This workshop will also explore the essentials of scientific meditation for health, mind power and greater workplace efficiency. The workshop is non-denominational and focuses on meditation as a technique for physical and mental health, stress-relief, increased productivity, greater clarity and personal development, rather than a religious practice. The ultimate aim of the Institute is to promote meditation as a scientific discipline and make it accessible to all irrespective of belief, faith, religion or organization.


Banani Ray is an enlightened teacher in the ancient Himalayan wisdom tradition. An acclaimed international author of several books on meditation and infinite human potential, she has founded the NESM™ technique and has a wide following of students in many countries. She explored meditation in a scientific manner, and she has worked to de-mystify spirituality, and de-link meditation and spirituality from religion. She is the Course Director and the inspiration behind IISCIM. She is also an editor of the Journal of Meditation, Positive Psychology and Cognitive Intelligence.

Dr. Amit Ray is an internationally acclaimed philanthropist, and meditation master and author of several books on meditation. He is known to the world for his teachings on meditation, yoga, peace and compassion. He is best known for his Mindfulness Meditation and Integrated Yoga and Vipassana Meditation techniques. He has a Ph.D from IIT, Kharagpur in Computational Neuroscience and he worked as a scientist before he started his experiment with meditation. He is the founder & President of IISCIM.

Dr. Saurabh Kole, Cardiologist, Belle Vue Clinic, Kolkata, is the In-charge of Intensive and Critical Care Unit and also the In-charge of the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Belle Vue Clinic. He is known for his philanthropic activities like leading a medical team after the devastating Earthquake at Gujarat, and Nepal, helping the team of physicians in the Tsunami affected Andaman, the cyclone-hit Myanmar and the flood ravaged Uttarakhand. A long time meditator, Dr. Kole is the co-founder and Vice-President of IISCIM.

Topics to cover

1. Meditation for Brain Power and Focus
2. Meditation as Science
3. Meditations and Workplace Efficiency
4. Meditation for Stress Relief
5. Meditation for Brain Fitness
6. Scientific Meditation: Neuro-EpiGenetic Scientific Meditation (NESM)™ Level -I


The technique is important for developing calmness, enhanced cognition and alertness, positive emotion, relaxation, stress-reduction and insight into the human potential. Common benefits are:

Brain Cell Regeneration
Gene Behavior Optimization
Empowering yourself
Anxiety Reduction
Stress Management
Better Focus, Concentration and Memory
Better Creativity
Speed Learning
Positive Attitude
Confidence Building
Depression Management
Energy Boosting
Physical Health
Sleep Improvement

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Time Event
2:00-2:15 Registration & reception
2:15- 2:30 Welcome Speech
2:30- 3:00 Introduction: Meditation as Science
3:00- 3:20 Keynote Speech: Scientific Meditation and Stress Resilience
3:20- 3:45 Scientific Meditation: Basics of NESM™ Technique - Level - I
3:45- 4:30 Practice of NESM™ Level - I Scientific Meditation – Basic Practice
4:30- 4:45 Tea/Cofee/Snacks break
4:45- 5:00 Scientific Meditation for Brain Power & Brain Fitness
5:00- 5:15 Scientific Meditation for Cardiovascular health benefits
5:15- 5:30 NESM™ Scientific Meditation for hormonal balance and stress relief
5:30- 5:45 Practice of NESM™ -short version- daily practice for busy people
5:45- 6:00 Q&A Session and Closing

*Please note that the program flow may vary.


What is Scientific Meditation?

Scientific Meditation is meditation technique that is based on scientific experiments, studies, research, data and analysis. Scientific Meditation is meditation beyond boundary-- Meditation beyond religion and rituals. Scientific meditation is meditation beyond race, cult, philosophical doctrines, or beliefs. Scientific meditation is exploration and enhancement of your inner potentials and connecting with the wellspring of peace and wellbeing within you through techniques- ancient and modern, which are backed by scientific studies and research. Scientific meditation is empowering, because it helps you to know yourself better and enhance your potentials, health and efficiency, without the need for surrender or submission to any outside authority, without giving away your power to some outside authority.

What is the NESM technique?

NESM technique in its full form is Neuro-Epigenetic Scientific Meditation. The characteristic of this technique is neural regeneration and genetic behaviour optimization which facilitates brain development, overall health and balanced coherence between head hand and heart for optimized expression of your fullest potential. Coherence is required in all these three areas for a human being to think and operate efficiently, rationally, and with emotional stability.

NESM technique is the outcome of more than twenty five years of exploration of meditation by Banani Ray and Dr. Amit Ray, who had set aside their very successful professional carriers to explore meditation in a scientific way; who have continuously worked to help spread genuine knowledge and teachings on the profound truths of life in a way so that anyone from anywhere and any background can understand and take advantage of it. This technique is a culmination of their long experience in meditation, teaching and scientific studies on the field.

NESM technique draws inspiration and insight from the current study on neuro-plasticity of human brain apart from other cutting edge scientific studies and research on meditation neuro-science, genetics and well being. Neuro-Epigenetic Scientific Meditation can induce epigenetic advantage and include techniques that has been shown to reverse cellular aging by lowering oxidative stress, which in turn increases longevity. It has a powerful impact on DNA and has even been suggested to increase telomere length, allowing for a positive shift in genetic expression. The present workshop will teach NESM Level I, which is the basic version of the technique.

Who can attend the workshop?

Anyone who is interested in health and wellness and meditation in general is welcome to attend. Professionals, doctors, engineers, students, and people of all ages and all walks of life can attend the workshop. People with specific mental or physical problems might need special individualized monitoring and should consult their physicians.

I am already practicing another type of meditation. Can I attend?

Yes. NESM™ is an optimum combination of ancient wisdom and modern science-backed techniques that are meant to be accessible to a wide range of people and easy to practice. NESM technique is non-religious and not based on the teachings of any particular group or philosophy. As such, it will probably not interfere with your faith or practice you are involved in.

I do not have prior knowledge of meditation. Can I attend?

Yes. This one day introductory workshop will provide people who are new to mediation, or interested in trying meditation with the guidance, techniques and practice in the NESM meditation method. Beginners as well as experienced meditators can attend the workshop. Everything is explained.

What is the Course FEE?

The workshop is free. However, any voluntary contribution for the participants of the next workshops / retreats is welcome.

PLEASE NOTE that seats are limited. Reserve your seat now. You will be contacted with the confirmation of your place within few days after online registration.

What to expect…

The workshop includes teachings, guided meditation and discussion. Tea, coffee and light-snacks will be provided alongside. Some people find it helpful to make notes during the sessions; so you might want to bring a notebook.

Seating is on chairs; so, no need for any special clothing, just wear something comfortable. No physical exercises, postures or special clothing are required.

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Venue: Science City, Kolkata

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