Scientific Meditation Workshop

For Brain Power and Stress Relief

Venue: Rabindranath Tagore Centre,
Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Kolkata

Date and Time:26th August 2017 - 2:00PM to 6:00PM

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The workshop will teach an unique, easy-to-practice, effective and integrated scientific meditation technique developed by Banani Ray and Dr. Amit Ray that was evolved from their long experience in meditation practices and meditation teaching.

The technique combines time-tested ancient techniques along with modern science-backed practices that are proven for developing grey matter in the brain, improving focus, concentration and memory, and resist the shortening of telomeres in your gene which enhances health and longevity.

What you will learn?

  • Learn meditation techniques for inner peace, inner strength, inner vision and mental clarity.
  • Learn meditation techniques for physical and mental health, stress-relief, greater clarity and personal development.
  • Learn meditation techniques helpful for stress reduction, emotional intelligence, concentration and mind power.
  • Learn meditation techniques proven for developing grey matter in the brain, improving focus, concentration and memory.
  • Learn meditation techniques proven to resist the shortening of telomeres in your gene which delays aging, enhances health and longevity.

Who can attend?

Anyone interested in health and wellness and meditation in general is welcome to attend. People of all ages and all walks of life can attend the workshop. People with specific mental or physical problems should consult their physicians.


Scientific Meditation is important for developing calmness, enhancing cognition and alertness, creating and maintaining positive emotion, relaxation, and reducing stress and anxiety. Following benefits are noted:

  • Better Emotional Intelligence
  • Greater workplace efficiency
  • Brain Cell Regeneration
  • Gene Behavior Optimization
  • Anxiety Reduction
  • Stress Management
  • Better Focus, Concentration and Memory
  • Better Creativity
  • Positive Attitude
  • Confidence Building
  • Energy Boosting
  • Sleep Improvement


Banani Ray is an enlightened teacher in the ancient Himalayan wisdom tradition. An acclaimed international author of several books on meditation and infinite human potential, she has founded the NESM™ technique and has a wide following of students in many countries. She is the Course Director and the inspiration behind IISCIM. She is also an editor of the Journal of Meditation, Psychology and Neuro-Epigenetics.

Dr. Amit Ray is an internationally acclaimed philanthropist, and meditation master and author of several books on meditation. He is known to the world for his teachings on meditation, yoga, peace and compassion. He is best known for his Mindfulness Meditation and Integrated Yoga and Vipassana Meditation techniques. He has a Ph.D from IIT, Kharagpur in Computational Neuroscience and he worked as a scientist before he started his experiment with meditation. He is the founder & President of IISCIM.

Dr. Saurabh Kole, Cardiologist, Belle Vue Clinic, Kolkata, is the In-charge of Intensive and Critical Care Unit and also the In-charge of the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Belle Vue Clinic. He is known for his philanthropic activities like leading a medical team after the devastating Earthquake at Gujarat, and Nepal, helping the team of physicians in the Tsunami affected Andaman, the cyclone-hit Myanmar and the flood ravaged Uttarakhand. A long time meditator, Dr. Kole is the co-founder and Vice-President of IISCIM.

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I am already practicing another type of meditation. Can I attend?

Yes. Scientific meditation technique is not based on the teachings of any particular group or philosophy. As such, it will probably not interfere with your faith or practice.
We respect all religions. Our courses and teachings neither asserts, requires, nor refutes any particular religious or metaphysical belief.

I do not have prior knowledge of meditation. Can I attend?

Yes. Beginners as well as experienced meditators can attend the workshop. Everything is explained and meditation session will be guided.

Course Fee:

The workshop is donation based. Any voluntary contribution is welcome.

PLEASE NOTE that seats are limited. Reserve your seat now. You will be contacted within few days after online payment and registration.

What to expect…

The workshop includes teachings, guided meditation and discussion. Some people find it helpful to make notes during the sessions; so you might want to bring a notebook.

Seating is on chairs; so, no need for any special clothing, just wear something comfortable. No physical exercises, postures or special clothing are required.

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Venue: ICCR, Kolkata