Shiva Shambhavi Meditation

Learn Shiva Meditation Techniques for Spiritual Awakening

From Acharya Sri Amit Ray and Acharyaa Banani Ray

Venue : Desha-Priya Park West, Kolkata

Date: 8th March, 2020 Time 2:30PM to 5:30PM

Phone No: 6289-501-508

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“Be the light, manifest the light, spread the light that you are.”—Banani Ray

About the Program

This special Shiva Meditation is a unique opportunity, designed for those seeking a deeply transformative path to deep spirituality, inner awakening, deepest relaxation, empowerment, mental clarity and peace.

Lord Shiva is said to be always immersed in deep meditation. Lord Shiva is the real master and primordial teacher of yoga and meditation. The whole of Yogic science emerges only from Lord shiva. Dakshinamurthy is the form of Shiva, who teaches meditation and wisdom of Self-realization to the humanity. Before the holy Shiva-ratri, we are happy to provide you this opportunity of learning Shiva meditation for pleasing Lord Shiva.

Based on their years of deep Sadhana in the Himalayas, revered Acharya Amit Ray and revered Acharya Banani Ray had distilled these techniques from the Upanishads and infused it with the understanding of modern science to deliver a unique experience to the participants.

Just before the Maha-Shivaratri, you will get the opportunity to tune your mind and spirit to the Shiva Consciousness that pervades the entire Universe. This period is a time that is favorable for healing and spiritual awakening and rejuvenation. This meditation intensive is designed for those seeking a deeply transformative path of spirituality.

You will learn special meditation techniques that are very simple, easy and effortless, which can be practised almost any time during the day. No prior experience or knowledge is required. This class is suitable for persons from any occupation and age-group above 16 years.

Everything will be explained in simple everyday language, and participants will be guided throughout the meditation session.

What you will learn

1. Glory of Lord Shiva and goddess Shambhabi
2. Mystery of Shiva Shambhavi and our Inner World
3. Concept of Shiva Shambhavi Meditation
4. Techniques of Shiva Shambhavi Meditation
5. Two Guided meditations to awaken the higher consciousness of Lord Shiva
6. Importance of Shiva meditation for healing and transformation


Acharyaa Banani Ray is a meditation-master in the ancient Himalayan wisdom tradition. She had practiced austerity and deep meditation in the Varanavat range of the Himalaya near Gangotri for seven years. She has a rich spiritual heritage coming down from ancient Himalayan masters and direct realization of the Divine. She has students all over the world. She is an acclaimed author of several books, of which Awakening Inner Guru, Glory of Om and Om Sutra are the most appreciated. She runs Workshops and Courses regularly in Kolkata, Mumbai, Rishikesh and Delhi. She is the Course Director and the inspiration behind IISCIM.

Acharya Amit Ray is an internationally acclaimed meditation-master. He practiced deep silence meditation on the Varanavat mountain in the Himalaya for seven years and he is Known to the world for his teachings on Om meditation, Vipassana yoga, mindfulness, peace and compassion. He is a reputed author of several books on Om meditation, vipassana meditation and mindfulness. He has a Ph.D from IIT, Kharagpur in Artificial Intelligence and he is also famous as a AI scientist for his contribution on Compassionate AI. He is the Founder & President of IISCIM.

This meditation workshop is offered as a three hours intensive program.


This Meditation is important for developing calmness, enhancing cognition and alertness, creating and maintaining positive emotion, relaxation, and reducing stress and anxiety.

Course Fee:

This program is a donation based program. Free for students and retired people. However, you have the opportunity to help others and spread the light of meditation, as your donation will go for organizing the next meditation workshops.

PLEASE NOTE: Seats are limited, subject to confirmation. Please register. You will be contacted shortly after registration.

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Location of the Meditation Class: Deshapriya Park West, Kolkata

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