Institutional Ethics Committee

The Institute aims to engage in research activities to explore various areas of meditation, yoga and facilitate knowledge sharing among researchers and interested people. IISCIM focuses on research and study in the fields of meditation, neuro-science, epigenetic studies, positive psychology, cognitive intelligence, cardiovascular health, immunity and research in allied fields that are related to meditation and yoga.

IISCIM Research Ethics Committee

As a premier meditation and yoga research institute, IISCIM aims to regularly undertakes many research activities in the field of yoga, mindfulness and meditation. The Institute places utmost value to Human Ethics, all the Public health Research proposals of the Institute involving human subjects are examined and reviewed by duly constituted Institutional Ethics Committee of the Institute.

The present “Research Ethics Committee, IISCIM” (IEC,IISCIM) has been reconstituted in March 2017 and is holding regular meetings every year to review the research proposals submitted for ethical clearance. The IEC, IISCIM has been formed in accordance with the terms of reference of ICMR, New Delhi and follows the Ethical Guidelines for Biomedical Research on Human Participants designed by ICMR, New Delhi.

The present Ethics Committee of IISCIM is comprised of seven members representing various sections of the community like Doctors, Scientist, Academicians, Public Health Specialist, Social Scientist, NGO workers, Minority representatives, Lawyer, and Statisticians.

IISCIM Meditation Ethics Committee

Research collaboration

The Institute supports and encourages research collaboration. Researchers have responsibility to take clearance from the IISCIM Ethics Committee. Researchers have a responsibility to ensure that a clear understanding of respective roles and responsibilities is developed at the beginning of the research collaboration, and a duty to adequately fulfill their respective research obligations.