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Volunteering with us, at IISCIM can be a very rewarding experience, where the emphasis is on working together to help people to meditate. Volunteering with us does not require full-time commitment. As a volunteer you will need to join us at our workshops. However, we ask that whenever you commit yourself for an workshop, you arrive at the agreed times at the beginning of the session and stay until the end.

Our workshops can be a busy, interesting and challenging place, where you get the opportunity to learn and interact with a variety of professionals and people from varied walks of life. As a volunteer, you can serve as a workshop coordinator to be present for others with help and advice. Your service is valuable for us to provide a consistent service to the humanity and allows you to get the most out of being part of our global community.

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Upanishadic Meditation Class
By Dr. Amit Ray and Banani Ray
Organised by
Inner Light Publishers and IISCIM

A Unique Experiential Course

Meditations from Upanishads
For peace, happiness and fulfillment

17th February 2019

2:00PM to 5:30PM

Venue: Lecture Hall, 4th Floor,
Rabindranath Tagore Centre,
Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Kolkata

Email: admin@iiscim.org