International Institute of Scientific Meditation

IISCIM is a charitable Institute of scientific spirituality, founded on the inspiration and guidance of Acharya Amit ji (Dr. Amit Ray) and Acharyaa Banani ji (Banani Ray). Our vision is to awaken the dormant divine potential of the humanity, and spreading the light of value based ancient wisdom of the Upanishads, meditation and Self-realization, freeing the masses from the narrow confines of cult, prophet-worship and guru-worship.

The vision of the Founders of IISCIM is to build better enlightened human beings with greater intelligence and empathy, a better society beyond the barriers of race and religion, and a better world where people can come together on the ground of love, compassion and oneness.

We promote meditation as a scientific discipline to ignite the divine spark within everyone and bring out the best within you. Our meditation camps and retreats are arranged to develop awareness about meditation as a tool for well-being and healthy lifestyle, and spread the benefits of meditation on the basis of well documented research of modern science.

Our Meditation Classes and Courses

On regular basis we conduct classes on:

1. Mindpower and Concentation
2. Om Meditation
3. Shiva Shambhavi Meditation
4. Upanishadic Meditation
5. Vipassana Meditation
6. Mindfulness Meditation
7. Mindful Leadership
8. Vipassana and Emotional Intelligence
9. Compassion and Oneness Meditation and
10.Cosmic Wholeness and Energy Healing Meditation

List of Our Online CERTIFICATE Courses:

1. Yoga Philosophy and Patanjali's Yoga Sutra;
2. Buddhism and Vipassana Meditation;
3. Integrated Yoga Vipassana;
4. Hinduism and Bhagavad Gita;
5. Neuro-Epigenetic Scientific Meditation;
6. Patanjali's Yoga Meditation;
7. Mindful Leadership and Emotional Intelligence;

List of Our Online Teacher Training Meditation Courses

1. Meditation for Stress Relief and Anxiety Reduction;
2. Hinduism, Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita Meditation;
3. Buddhism and Vipassana Meditation;
4. Patanjali's Yoga Sutra and Yoga Meditation;
5. 21 Pathways Kriya Meditation;
6. Neuro-Epigenetic Scientific Meditation;
7. Cosmic Wholeness and Energy Matrix Healing;
8. Integrated Yoga Vipassana;
9. Mindful Leadership and Emotional Intelligence;

To know more details about the Courses, Fees, Registration and Payment link and the details of the syllabus, please email us at:

At IISCIM we provide opportunities for active engagement with meditation through talks, lectures, symposiums, workshops and programs tailored to individuals, universities and corporates.

Our mission is to teach the best meditation techniques beyond the barriers of race, religion and cult-worship, to spark the inherent divine flame within everyone for a better world where people can come together on the ground of mutual respect, individual dignity, love, compassion and oneness.

Current Event

Bhagavad Gita Meditation and Satsang
By Acharya Sri Amit Ray and Acharyaa Shree Banani Ray

A Unique Experiential Course

For Inner Awakening, Happiness, Abundance and Success

15th March 2020

2:30 to 5:30PM

Venue: DeshaPriya Park West, Kolkata